These Pets Had A Great Time With Their Veterinarian At The Clinic

What is the greatest fear of your pet? 

Apart from losing you, it would be going to the veterinarian. Veterinarians do not do any harm to them. But there could be a few fair reasons behind the less interest of your pet in going to the vet.

Sometimes, your pet might have previous unpleasant experiences, or else the pet might get anxious when getting to an unfamiliar environment. Most pets do not understand that the owner is trying to do a good deed. Certain pets feel worried about separating from their owner, and some pets get feared by other animals of the same species at the clinic.

But a friendly professional veterinary staff can help your pet to heal their anxiety at the clinic. Their experience at the clinic will be smooth with the correct staff around them. Here are some happy moments when pets liked going to the veterinarian.

This super dog loves its justice league member veterinarian.

image credit: dahliathedingo | Instagram

This cute puppy was so chill. It does not mind the veterinarian joking around with it at all.

image credit: odaskal | Imgur

Hey, stop copying me. You are the doc.

image credit: Dr. Evan Antin | Facebook

She is so kind she lets me stay in her pocket.

image credit: Geniverger | Imgur

We do not want to leave you! Please do not leave us

image credit: diegor890 | Instagram

Be careful, doctor. I am 300-something pounds

image credit: noirhero | Reddit / aww

Can I sleep in your pocket? I do not want to go home

image credit: Geniverger | Imgur

This dog seems to have solved all its problems at the clinic and rests on the doctor’s shoulder.

image credit: MegaG | Imgur

Let us have a contest. Who has the best smile?

image credit: thegswat | Imgur

This squirrel found the perfect person who understands it. It does not want to let him go

image credit: Reddit / aww

This young llama is so calm and happy with its veterinarian

The dog asks, “until the next time we meet, right?”. The dog is so in love with its veterinarian it does not want to leave

image credit: LimaRomeo | Reddit / aww

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Written by Pixaduck Staff